Jazzie Pools Spas & Fitness 

 The Leader in Aquatics

At Jazzie Pools, safety is a value, not a priority that changes with time.  Our zero/zero safety culture: zero tolerance for safety oversights and zero incidents on property is ingrained in all of our employees, from lifeguards to senior management.  

Jazzie Pools features all American Red Cross certified lifeguards either trained by us or other providers but will not start until having their skills evaluated by a member of our safety team.  We believe safety starts and ends with a system of accountability that is carried out through rigid procedures and plans. 

Jazzie Pools was founded in 1989 with the mission to establish a new standard of management, professionalism, safety, and customer service in the aquatic industry.  

Jazzie Pools provides professional pool management services to a wide variety of properties including country clubs, military and government installations, fitness centers, condominiums, HOA's, and hotels.  Jazzie Pools makes it its mission to work with your management team to ensure an excellent experience for every guest on every visit.  Our focus is training a customer friendly staff that goes above and beyond to ensure an excellent atmosphere at your facility.  

Our Services Include: 

       -Certified Lifeguards

       -Constant supervision and reporting

       -Major or minor pool service & repair

       -Pool Opening & winterization

       -Pool cleaning & general maintenance

       -Chemical administration & supply

Our Team:

Our reputation for quality and excellence defines the core of our structure, our client focused management team will work with you to fulfill any and all expectations and ensure excellent management standards.  Our management team consists of Aquatics professionals with a wide variety of experience in the Aquatic industry including management, safety, renovation, and pool operations.  



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