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At Jazzie Pools we pride ourselves in having the best lifeguards and pool managers. Lifeguarding at Jazzie Pools is more than just a job its an opportunity to be a leader and a role model within the community. Jazzie Pools management knows that our greatest asset as a company is our staff and we strive to make employment within Jazzie Pools a great experience as well as a great opportunity. Check out our available summer positions below: 

Gate Guard

The Gate Guard's purpose is to ensure that only members and their registered guests gain entrance into the pool facility. Gate Guards greet and sign-in members and their guests and collect guest fees according to the procedures set forth by the facility.  Gate guards are responsible for explaining club rules and policies to members and their guests.  

Lifeguard & Senior Lifeguard

A lifeguard's primary responsibilities are to prevent accidents and to ensure the safety and control of all patrons.  When no gate guard is present the lifeguards are to be responsible for completing the pre-established daily and hourly tasks, and a variety of daily tasks as assigned by the manager via the daily task sheet. 

Required Certifications

Lifeguarding/First Aid, CPR/AED, Pool Operators (Senior Lifeguard Only)

Head Lifeguard

The Head Lifeguards responsibilites include that of a lifeguard as well as being responsible for the guard staff's rotation and daily tasks.  This includes daily opening and closing procedures, hourly procedures, and tasks listed on the daily task sheet.  In establishing the guard rotation the Head Lifeguard appoints each lifeguard to designated stations at specific times throughout their scheduled shift.  The head lifeguard is responsible for maintaining unity among the lifeguard staff and shall servce as the liaison between the lifeguards and the Manager.  

Required Certifications:

Life guarding/First Aid, CPR/AED, Pool Operators

Assistant Pool Manager

The Assistant Manager's Responsibilities include those of a lifeguard and Head Lifeguard as well as assuming the responsibilities of the Manager when he or she is not present.  

Required Certifications:

Life guarding/First Aid, CPR/AED, Pool Operators

Pool Manager

The Manager's responsibilites include all those previously stated along with the total operation of the facility, 24 hours a day.  Nothing should occur that they do not know about and approve of.  They are responsible for implementing all Jazzie Pools and specific facility policies. 

If you are 15 or older and are looking for a fun exciting summer job or a challenging career consider a position at Jazzie Pools simply click on the apply now tab above.  If you are interested in lifeguard training or have any questions on behalf of employment you may call our office at (703)532-0242 email Heather@jazziepools.com or Gwen@jazziepools.com. All Lifeguards must purchase the required uniform guard suit($40.00), guard t-shirt($25.00), whistle($10.00), and a fan pack with mask($25.00). so that they can work.  They can purchase these items on their own so they can shop price for themselves.  However they will not be aloud to work with out these requirements.  The cost of pool operator is $350.00 but for Jazzie employees they get it have price at the cost of $150.00.  It is good for five years Nationally and internationally. New life guarding class is $300.00 and if your a re-certitifing guard the cost would be $200.00.  If you are applying for the job you have read an understand the terms of your employment.  That means if you show up for work and do not have the required materials and or gear you will be sold those items at the cost listed.