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Jazzie Pools provides numerous pool repair and renovation services for commercial and residential properties.  Our expert technicians are capable of addressing all pools service jobs ranging from structural plumbing to replastering to replacement of electrical and pump equipment.  Below we have highlighted a few of our services. 


-In-house Pool, Spa and Fountain Plastering - whitecoating, color quartz, special finishes

-In-house coping and tile installations

-Pumps and motors

-Filter systems repairs and upgrades

-Leak detection, repairs, pipe line replacements

-Pool beam structural repairs

-Replacement and repairs of concrete decks and deck coatings

-Caulking/Expansion Joint repairs and replacement


-Pool Renovations and restorations

-Filter systems maintenance and new installations

-Plumbing and valves repair and new installations

-Service, repair and installation of pool or spa heaters

-ADA compliance - inspections of facilities, build/install means of entry 

Sales of parts and installations

-Pumps and motors - commercial and residential

-Filters - sand, DE and cartridge systems

-Pool cover sale and installation

-Heaters - commercial and residential

-Chemical feeders and chlorine generators

-Diving boards - commercial and residential